Refined digital sketch - Waist up

£15 for 1 character, +£10 for each additional character.

The price may differ if requesting something that has immense detail.


As the commission style suggests, your request will be a digital piece which you will receive the file for via email upon completion. If you do not have the means to print out your commission and you desire a physical copy, I'm happy to print off a couple of copies and post them to you for an additional £2.


What am I able to request?

I'm happy to draw most things, don't be shy to ask!

I really love drawing: Male characters, Humans, Anthro/Furries, Original characters, Creatures, Animals.

I don't feel comfortable/enjoy drawing: Mecha/robots, Scenery/backgrounds, Armor, Drawing from life, People portraits.

I am more than happy to draw NSFW content but it must be male characters with a canon age of 18+. I'm not as good at drawing female characters - sorry!


How long will it take?

My average time is between 1-2 weeks at most to complete a commission piece. (Depending on the complexity of the request)

Planning a gift or just need your commission by an exact date/time? No problem! Just make sure to let me know before hand and I'll ensure it's completed with time to spare.


What do I need to provide/send you?

Please feel free to provide as much information and image references as you like, especially if you had something specific in mind - I always aim to please, so getting your request spot on for you to fully enjoy is a top priority!


How can I make payment?

The most common ways I accept payment is through Paypal. Once we've discussed your commission details and are both happy to proceed, I will provide you with a PaypalMe link for making the payment.

If you don't have Paypal, not to worry! I am also very happy to accept bank transfers.


Can I use my commission however I wish?

Yes! :) Feel free to post it up to your social media, print it out, share it with friends, use it as a gift, print it on a T-shirt and wear it, anything goes! So long as the artwork I have produced for you is being used for a personal, non-profitable use, and is not being mass produced.


If you have any questions or wish to discuss your request(s) in depth please don't hesitate to get in touch via the form below or by email & social media :)