4. Slot filled, thank you Dave! - Sketched
5. Slot filled, thank you Vee! - Sketched
6. Slot filled, thank you Eliot! - Colouring
7. Slot filled, thank you Nex! - Sketched
8. Slot filled, thank you Laura! - Sketched

Your slot is only confirmed after payment has been made.

£45 - 1 character
£80 - 2 characters

A fully lined, coloured and shaded digital commission of any characters of your choice! It will be waist up just like the example shown. This commission type is digital only, and you will receive the large original file via email when it' finished. 

>> Click here to fill in a Digital Commission request form <<

£40 - 1 character
£70 - 2 characters

This wonderful original character Kipper belongs to Egotism!

A character of your choice drawn using a selection of greyscale Copic markers on an official Japanese Shikishi Art Board! It will be a bust shot just like the example shown. Please be aware this physical commission type is ONLY available for collection from Comic Con events I'm vending at, as it's too much of a risk to ship an original piece in the mail - sorry!

>> Click here to fill in a Shikishi Board Commission request form <<

£50 - 1 character
Always wanted to see your favourite character as an art card? Well now you can! This commission type is specially for those who are a big fan of my brown paper art cards - your dedicated commission request will help make that one character you've always wanted for your collection a reality!

Once completed, your art card commission will be professionally printed and added to my current library of cards for others to purchase too.

Your unique and personalized benefits for this commission will include;
A handful of copies of your commissioned art card.
One of a kind gold leaf signed copy.
Your desired name mentioned on my art card display & website - forever!

Only characters from anime, video games, cartoons or other already existing franchises may be requested as art cards.

>> Click here to fill in an Art Card Commission request form <<

What am I able to request?
❤ Characters from anime, videogames, cartoons etc, Original characters, Fan characters, Animals & More!
Always happy to discuss your request in more detail so don't be shy to ask :)

✖ Robots, Mecha, Lots of armor, Realism.

I also accept NSFW 18+ requests - but only for male characters!

How long will it take?
The average turn around time for any commission type is 3-6 weeks. I may sometimes post progress pictures on my Instagram story which you'll be able to see - and if you'd like further updates along the way, you're very welcome to check back on this page or message me anytime!

What do I need to provide/send you?
At the bottom of each Commission Type above, there is a link to a Google Form for you to fill out, please find everything you need to know in there. The more detail and references you can provide, the better - especially if they're an Original Character, knowing more about them will help me draw them to the best of my ability!

How can I make payment?
Once your request is finalized and you're happy with everything, I will email you with details on how to pay and then I will begin work! Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cash paid in person at my convention table are all acceptable payment methods. 

Can I use my commission however I wish?
Of course! So long as it's not being mass produced and profited from - please use it however you wish :)


If you have any further questions that weren't covered here or would like to know more before submitting a commission request - please feel free to get in touch via the form below and I'd be happy to help! :)